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Where did that come from? As I mentioned earlier, each MSI has its own custom name and value pairs that answer questions the installation requires. Those pairs might identify an install folder, or add a license key, or in this case instruct the installer to prevent a post-installation reboot.

The hard part with these name and value pairs, as you can surmise, is in discovering what they actually are. One published method to do this requires downloading the Orca database editor from Microsoft. This database editor has the ability to peer into an MSI to identify its characteristics. It can also edit those characteristics as a highly-advanced function, although doing so is an exceedingly complex activity.

In fact, even getting the Orca software requires multiple steps. NET Framework 4. Once downloaded, install the SDK’s debugging tools. Double-click this file to install it to your management desktop. Once within Orca, you can open an MSI and peer around to locate its custom settings. Remember that MSIs are above all big databases of content and configurations that apply files to disk drives and keys and values to registries.

Orca exposes these databases for what they really are. Inside every MSI is a table called Property. That table identifies all the properties that are tagged to an installation. The name and value pairs discussed above are in fact properties along with their values as seen in Orca.

Its value defaults to Yes. For this one, change its value to No. Just about any property you see in this table can be adjusted at the command line as you execute msiexec to kick off an installation. While this method is the comprehensive approach, it is also the time-consuming approach.

Another alternative is to simply search the Internet for clues that others have found. A popular website that contains installation hints for many common software packages is www. A growing number of software companies also recognize the need to provide silencing information about their installation packages. A second alternative is to find a software repackaging solution that handles much of this work for you. These solutions incorporate a range of tactics to gather the necessary silencing and customization information with the goal of presenting it in meaningful ways.

MSI packaging solutions can be found by many third-party companies with a range of price points and feature sets. One final element of MSI installations merits discussion. This element consolidates a series of property changes and other MSI reconfigurations into a single file. An MST, or transforms file, is commonly used when an MSI’s configuration database requires large scale changes to prepare itself for installation.

Rather than requiring you to enter a long list of alterations at the command line, a transforms file consolidates changes into a single file that is invoked at the command line. Creating your own transforms typically requires the use of a software.

At the end of the day, getting a software installation packaged for silent installation is only the first step. It can also be arguably the most difficult step. One packaged, you’ll need a software deployment solution to execute the command you’ve created on entire groups of computers at once. You can use the following switches when running the installer:.

These options are disabled by default. For more information on the policies and options available for configuration, see Available Group Policy and Templates. If you want to see the original of this article, see Mass Installation and Configuration for Windows. All Zoom Category Go to top. Go to top. Set an account ID that restricts participation in meetings hosted by a specific account ID number. Set up a web domain for logging in or joining a meeting.

When enabled, the Zoom app will display the caller name of the conference room system. Outlook In Zoom to display the contact status of, Outlook at Zoom to set the default chat, meeting, and as a phone app. It is easier to have everyone hop onto a video conference and talk out everything for the best way to proceed.

Enter Zoom! First, let me mention Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, has made this product free to schools while they deal with the fallout from COVID, so not only is the product excellent, but the people running it are also awesome. This install is quick and painless, a simple MSI that has universal silent install parameters. A quick command line for the installer would be:. The only hassle would be getting the MSI where all computers could reach them when you run that install string.

Let me help you out with that part. PDQ Deploy! We offer the install package for zoom with our free version of the software. Just download it from our package library, hit Deploy once, and select the targets that need to have it. I ran a test in that lab, and it completed in 20 seconds.



Zoom msi silent install parameters

You can use both zConfig and zRecommend if you wish to force certain settings and allow users to change those that have been set as default. Install Zoom: MSI. Auto-update : Disabled by default.


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