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Meeting hosts have the option to join before meeting host during the scheduling process. The participants are allowed to join the meeting ahead of the host if you selected join before host, in which case, there may not have been a host or attendees attending. Any Zoom meeting can be viewed from desktops and mobile devices. The Zoom mobile apps are available for iOS and Android. Meetings do not have to be prompted to create an account when you connect with people outside of CU.

Join that meeting if you receive an invitation from the meeting host. Having to manually admit each guest during a meeting is an option if this is the case. Using the Zoom web application, members can join Zoom webinars or meetings without downloading plug-ins or adding tools. You can find Zoom meetings via the web client for users who may not be able to get the program installed or downloaded.

We suggest that you sign in a few minutes early to address any problems that might arise. When on a PC, the attendee controls appear at the bottom of your screen. When using a MAC, the attendee controls appear at the top of the screen. At the top right of your screen, you will see the words — Gallery View or Speaker View. This is what you need to know. Click on icon and a list of participants will appear on the right side of the screen.

Share Screen : You will not need this to participate in a Zoom meeting. Chat : Access the chat window to submit questions of the speaker. There is also a chat feature in Zoom, where you can type messages to other participants. Participants can send messages to everyone in the meeting, or just certain participants. If there is a message for you in the chat, a notification appears on the Chat button, which looks like a speech bubble. Click that button to open the chat window. Download a PDF of this article here.

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After Zoom is downloaded, you must install it onto your computer. Double-click ZoomInstaller. Seniors Guide Staff Seniors Guide has been addressing traditional topics and upcoming trends in the senior living industry since Related Resources.


How to Participate in a Zoom Meeting (On a Computer) | Chapel Hill Friends Meeting – Upcoming Events


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Usually, there is no need for detailed planning and there is a smaller possibility that something goes wrong. When everybody is unmuted, speakers get immediate feedback from the participants, feel the vibes, hear the laughter etc. Checklist for Zoom Meeting Meetings are designed to be a collaborative event where all parties can share, whereas webinars are designed so that the host and designated panelists can share and view-only attendees can watch the presentation. Close Nav. But, leave the space for spontaneity.


Step by Step Instructions to Participate in a Zoom Meeting – JGSGB.Checklist for Zoom Meeting | Instructional and Information Technology Services (IITS) | CSUSM


No one can enter the meeting after this has been turned on. Enable Waiting Room. Participant Annotations. Set when screen sharing. Top of screen then select More…. In participant window — more settings and on user in the list. Remove Participant. In participant window — on user in the list. Recording to the Cloud can visually document issues. Authenticated Users.

If users are not signed in they cannot get in. Require users to register for the meeting. Approval can be automatic or manual.

Automatic cannot verify users so manual is recommended for checking registrants. These are some mistakes that very often happen to us:. Transformation and often we do not consider enough how important preparation is. We need to have a clear agenda, an interactive check-in at the beginning, assign time slots to each topic and be clear about what the objectives are.

You should have a structure, agenda with key points of what you want to discuss. But, leave the space for spontaneity. For example, you can set up a few breakout rooms, each with different topics and then let people decide which one they want to discuss and focus on. Problem-based learning is a very structured 8 step process, but leaves a lot of room for the students to decide on: you can set up topics and let your students decide on the topic and then on the corresponding questions they want to dive deeper in.

That is how you engage them. They choose the WHAT. A lot of unpredicted issues can happen online. Your connection can be slower, the screen can freeze, someone might have trouble logging in, etc. And if you face challenges, always have a back up plan, e. In an in-presence meeting it is easy to flexibly change or improvise, because we are used to it. We can always write something on a whiteboard, flipchart or just hand out the agenda.

But, in an online environment you need to be digitally savvy to use these interaction tools in whatever platform you are using.

You need to know how you can fix or navigate the most common technical issues, how to share documents, how to use the whiteboard, share screen and be able to explain all that properly to your participants.

Talking usually gives us the feeling of making progress or actually solving the problem. Sometimes we even perceive silence as uncomfortable, depending on the cultural context.

But in reality, for a professional facilitator, silence is or can be a powerful tool. It is important to get people to think, reflect, maybe type something into the chat or even use a whiteboard to express ideas or brainstorm.

To receive a message, press Chat if the chat window is not already open The chat button chages color when you receive a message, and a number above the icon indicates how many messages you have. Go to the Zoom Help Center. How to Participate in a Zoom Meeting on a computer Follow these 3 steps: 1. Keeping your head high in the picture frame conveys confidence.

Dress appropriately: you are being seen! Physical movement and facial expressions matter, just as in a face-to-face context. Remember that when on-camera, other activities such as eating, drinking, flossing your teeth, and shuffling papers are extremely unflattering and distracting. If you can’t use video, upload a nice profile image of your face to your Zoom Account.

Read this guide on how to join your first Zoom meeting. Zoom is a video conferencing tool which allows anyone with a meeting link usually sent by email or WhatsApp to join the call, without needing to set up an account. If you scroll further down the page you can also download the apps for your smartphone or tablet.

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