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Whether you are hosting a conference, a company-wide meeting, or a shareholder presentation, a Zoom Webinar is the ideal choice for getting your message across! The first thing you must do is choose the time, date, and topic for your presentation. However, advanced registration will allow you to charge a fee and collect valuable viewer information!

Next, you will need to market your event by sharing the registration link with clients, prospects, and even on social media. During your presentation, you can interact with your attendees through the chat feature. After your event, follow up with your attendees and collect feedback. What did they like? What could be improved? This valuable information will help you make your next Zoom Webinar an even greater success!

For starters, Zoom Webinars are geared towards helping you grow your business. If you enable the registration feature, you can collect the contact information from all the attendees — and automatically push them to your CRM system. You can even monetize your presentations by charging a fee to register so you can do things like host a fitness class or another type of group seminar. It also gives you a chance to promote your brand by letting you customize your registration and other landing pages.

Add your company logo or watermark and encourage participants to share the link on social media — the goal here is to gather as many viewers as possible! If you prefer, you can promote attendees to panelists so they can share their screens and audio. A limited number of Webinar licenses which enable up to or up to participants are available to UTS staff. Zoom provides webinar licences which allow for up to or up to participants.

Upon approval, faculties will be billed monthly for each of these licences that are granted to them. For complete costings, refer to the AVS webinar policies. Zoom Webinar is largely a one-way experience. The most your attendees can do is ask a question via chat message.

So as a host, you will need an assistant to answer those questions for you. If your event does not require participation — it is, for example, a demonstration, then you may request a Zoom Webinar, keeping in mind this will likely be the same as watching a recording.

If you require any interaction with or between attendees, then Webinars are not appropriate. If you are expecting attendance to be more than and would like to interact with your participants during your session, consider splitting the attendance over 2 or more Zoom meetings instead.

A Webinar is you talking the whole time. This is tiring for you and your audience. Unless you have another speaker to take turns with you, or you are channelling Tony Robbins, you may not want to be the centre of attention. The Webinar format may not align well with these initiatives. Students with a strong sense of autonomous learning will survive your Webinar, but they would miss out on the opportunity to interact by participating in your online session through active dialogue.

You will need to complete an application process to host a Zoom Webinar. After the online application, your request will be reviewed and you may be required to have a consultation with a Learning Design and Technology Specialist from the LX. If you have reviewed the above information and have decided that Zoom webinars are suitable for your needs, follow the below steps to apply for a license to host a Zoom webinar. For access to the Zoom Webinar Software, which has a capacity of up to attendees, please complete this form.

Find more information and follow the instructions on the Zoom webinar help pages. Get in touch with the LX. We’ll be in touch shortly. Using Zoom for teaching Deliver a Zoom Webinar.

On this page: Things to consider Zoom webinars vs meetings Applying for a webinar license.



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Launch a poll to collect real-time participant input during your meeting and download the responses into a report after the meeting. Run usage reports to learn how many meetings are taking place, which days, number of participants, and more. Free Video Conferencing From Zoom Host a secure, free video conference call on any device, like your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or smart display. Get Started for Free. Why use video? Improved communications. Engaging business calls. Dynamic presentations.

Travel and time savings. Work from anywhere. Features always included with Zoom Meetings Zoom Meetings combines ease of use with powerful features to help you communicate, share, discuss, plan, collaborate, and do more with others. Screen sharing. Unlimited meetings. Customizable video views with up to 49 participants. Fun, engaging features.

Zoom Chat. Global availability Zoom is used around the world, with customers in countries and territories trusting Zoom for their professional and personal communications in Free international video conference calls Global organizations use Zoom to enable communications between employees, customers, and vendors around the world.

Unlimited group meetings With Pro, group meetings can last up to 30 hours so you can discuss and collaborate for longer, without interruption. Cloud recording Basic accounts can record meetings locally to your device. Social media streaming Want to reach a larger audience? Polling Launch a poll to collect real-time participant input during your meeting and download the responses into a report after the meeting. Reporting Run usage reports to learn how many meetings are taking place, which days, number of participants, and more.

Get Started Today. Contact sales to get started with Zoom today! Zoom has a dedicated Event Services team to help customers plan, support, and produce the best virtual and hybrid events using Zoom Webinars.

Zoom Event Services offers a variety of event support packages to meet the unique needs of our customers. Zoom Event Services include best-practice consultation on run of show, production setup, and support as well as live event management and moderation. Contact a Zoom specialist to request more information.

Learn how you can benefit from the audience connection powered by Zoom Webinars today! Read our blog Request a live demo Access our knowledge base Join a live expert training. Buy Now Request A Demo. High-quality webinars, at scale. Expand your reach Host up to 50, webinar attendees and 1, interactive video panelists live, and further extend your reach with HD webinar recordings or livestreaming to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, or another custom platform.

Grow your pipeline With seamless integration into popular CRMs and marketing automation solutions, easily nurture attendees, monetize webinar registration, and create new opportunities for your customers. Bring your company together The simple setup process and ease of use make Zoom Webinars popular for delivering important company news in all-hands or other large gatherings.

Simple Rest easy knowing webinar attendees can easily join and participate in a session via an intuitive UI they know and love. Reliable Confidently host an unlimited number of sessions – and reach more people – with your webinar license.

Buy Now Request A demo. Use Zoom Webinars to train your workforce at scale. Employee onboarding Company training Continuing education and certification Professional development. Drive leads for your business with engaging presentations and demos.

Product launches New feature demos Thought leadership Media briefings. Make communicating with a large group simple and impactful.

All-hands meetings Town hall meetings Earnings calls Council and board meetings. Customer success stories. A renowned events program creates more inclusive bespoke events and large-scale virtual summits. Forbes Read The story. National Kidney Foundation Read The story. ElectrifAi Read The story. Need a solution for larger conferences and virtual events?

Explore Hybrid and Virtual Event Software. Resources for your Zoom Webinars. Webinars data sheet Download our one-pager with everything you need to know about Zoom Webinars.

Event services Discover how the Zoom Event Services team helps you plan, support, and produce high-quality virtual, live, and hybrid events on Zoom. All-hands guide Get best practices for hosting your company all-hands on Zoom Webinars. Elevate your webinars today Get started with Zoom Webinars and discover all the ways you can reach more people, engage your audiences, and track metrics core to your success. Frequently asked questions Webinar basics What are Zoom Webinars?

No, concurrent live webinars are not supported by a single user license. There are three options for managing registrations: Select registration not required and your invitees will be given a URL to join the webinar.

Keep in mind that a single webinar cannot occur more than fifty sessions. In addition, you can adjust the registration settings, audio options, set up a webinar password, enable practice sessions or opt to record the webinar automatically. However, only webinars that require registration can be turned into on-demand webinars, and by enabling this option you will automatically activate the cloud recording feature. Hosts can choose to turn off their video streams while setting up a new webinar, but video streams can be switched on at any point during a webinar.

Click on the Schedule button when done adjusting the webinar settings and proceed to send invitations to panelists or attendees. Panelists have a different status than attendees since they can view and send videos, share their screens or add annotations.

Attendees, on the other hand, can only view the webinar, but the host can unmute them or change their view of the webinar. The process of inviting panelists to a webinar is straightforward since you just have to go to the Invitations tab and click on the Edit button in the Panelists section. Zoom allows you to invite up to a hundred panelists to a webinar, and you just have to add their names and emails to the corresponding boxes and click on the checkbox next to the Send invitation to all newly added panelists immediately option.

Click on the Save button to send invitations to panelists. Panelists on recurring webinars will be invited to all webinars in the series, but you can also add or remove panelists between two webinars. The invitation process for attendees depends on whether or not a webinar requires registration. Hosts of webinars that require registration must send the registration link to attendees and each attendee must fill in the registration form.

Afterward, they will receive an email that contains a unique join link. You can invite attendees to register for a webinar by copying the registration URL and sharing it through your website or your email.

Optionally you can click on the Copy the invitation option and copy the invitation Zoom created, or use the Email me the invitation feature to get a copy of the invitation you can forward to the attendees. To start a webinar, you should click on the Meetings tab, locate the webinar and click on the Start button.

As an attendee of a Zoom webinar, you can either join a webinar through a registration link or manually. Once you completed the registration process, the host can send you a registration confirmation email that contains the join link, simply click on it to join the webinar you signed up for.


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So, how do you use Zoom Webinars? The first thing you must do is choose the time, date, and topic for your presentation. GoTo Webinar erases the headache and hassle from webinars. Choose your online conference develop webinar best practices. How does the free trial work?

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