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– Change screen resolution to exceed the maximum on Windows 7 – Super User

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You can neither increase resolution of your screen more than the limit proposed by Windows, or use your programs properly? You will discover in this little tutorial how to increase the resolution of your screen beyond the limits offered by Windows 7! If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, please feel free to post comments For users Windows XP, I will put the solution as soon as someone asks for it below in the comments Soufiane is a young computer scientist and knows a lot about the computer world.

This enthusiast likes to help people innovate and learn more about the IT world Hello, I tried increasing the resolution with this tutorial but it doesn’t work on windows 7, I am in x mode and I would like to switch to a good resolution to reduce the shape of the windows and icons. Please inform me. Hi I would need your help I did everything that the tutorial tells how to increase screen windows 7 and despite all this nothing to do I have window 7 and my computer is an acer intel duo cor e short after 3 failed attempt I even put 3 instead of 1 and it doesn’t work anymore.

Good evening thank you very much for this support! Looking forward to a response, thank you again. You propose to put the how to increase screen windows 7 for Windows XP and that interests me a lot. How to increase screen windows 7 I am apparently not the only one who is impatient to see this technical feat, could you share it with us please? For XP it’s easier, just right click on the desktop, choose Properties, Parameters, Advanced, remove the check mark on “only display the resolutions supported by the screen”.

All the resolutions по ссылке the map are then displayed. By choosing a resolution higher than that of the screen, it gets bigger when you push the mouse over the edges. Hello, I watched your tutorial with interest because I am looking for a solution since I changed notebook when the old one allowed a very high configuration.

When I pushed the mouse over the edges, the whole screen scrolled and I wasn’t limited to a resolution of x /14312.txt have already noticed that by plugging it into a higher resolution external screen, the resolution of the how to increase screen windows 7 follows that of the screen and allows me for example to do x On the other hand, the properties displayed for the notebook screen how to increase screen windows 7 “generic monitor neither and play” and do not go beyond x So the card does not allow you to choose a higher resolution when I do not connect an external monitor.

I tried to apply your tutorial; the key is present several times, but already has the value 1 everywhere. Do you have any idea what I can do? Thank you. Hello, I have the same concerns as you, it works well on the pc when I am on Windows XP but when I switch to Windows 7 the maximum resolution is x The смотрите подробнее is that I should do this manipulation if it is functional on all my computer equipment.

Hello, And for Windows XP?? In any case, thank you for this tip, it’s very nice to share it with everyone. Hello and thank you for the tip I just installed Windows 8 who прощения, how do you change your meeting password on zoom меня me that I was going to encounter resolution problems after the install I have an asus netbook and thanks to the tutorial it works very well.

Did you search for the same value a second or third time? Thanks anyway for the reply. I said in the tutorial that you have to use the search window, and not follow the path Thank you for your patience Sincerely, Soufiane. I would like to know for windows8. First name. Increase screen resolution beyond the limits on Windows 7! Published by Soufiane Sabiri.

Log in as Administrator on Windows 11 Windows. Categories: Tips and tricks – Windows. The author: Soufiane Sabiri Soufiane is a young computer scientist and knows a lot about the computer world. Already 57 comments! Soufiane Sabiri says:. December 8 to 22 10 h min. How to increase screen windows 7 1 to 13 57 h min.

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Yes No I need help. This hack works only on Windows 7 netbooks.


[Solved] Can’t Change Screen Resolution in Windows 7 – Driver Easy

First, try this and it may work for you like a charm: 1. Turn off the computer and monitor. 2. Unplug the power supply wire that is plugged to. How do I adjust screen resolution in Windows 7? · Choose Start→Control Panel→Appearance and Personalization and click the Adjust Screen Resolution link. · In. Windows start button. 3. Choose Adjust screen resolution. 6. Adjust the screen resolution. 7. Click Apply and OK. Was this information helpful? Your.

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