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Restrict and adjust the functionality of your websites and lockdown other apps in Kiosk Mode. Fully Kiosk provides fullscreen mode, motion detection, remote admin and a lot of other features for посетить страницу источник digital signages, interactive kiosk systems, information panels and all kinds of unattended Android TM devices.

From just a fullscreen browser to full mobile device management MDM wnen, you decide buttton you get. Device rooting is not required. Fully Single App Kiosk zoom does not connect to audio – none: our app for the fast lockdown of the device to one selected источник статьи. Fully Video Kiosk is how do i change my name on zoom when there is no rename button – how do i change my name on zoom whe app for playing video, image and websites shows on Android devices with full kiosk protection.

Fully Exam Kiosk is our app for device lockdown to the exam website during the online examination. With Fully Cloud /11856.txt can organize, monitor and buyton configure your Fully Kiosk devices from everywhere. You can also make fast Device Provisioning and manage apps with Enterprises. The intent of most people setting up kiosk mode is to prevent the user from running anything other than the browser based content in the full screen browser window or running the selected apps.

Fully Kiosk app will help you to run the selected websites or apps in the kiosk mode. Users will also be restricted from making changes to any device settings. On many devices the admin can even restrict the use of hardware keys like the volume, power and home buttons on the Android device in the Kiosk mode. Fully Kiosk locks a device to intended use while preventing personal use by employees or customers. You can use the Kiosk mode on smartphones, tablets and other Android devices.

For many use cases the remote device management and monitoring MDM provided by Fully Cloud is very efficient way to maintain the devices and contents. Please do not expect miracles in the quality of web presentation, the browser performance, or battery usage. Fully Kiosk uses the web engine of Android Webview. It can only show the web pages as well as the available Android Webview can. More Information in this FAQ. Fully Kiosk apps run ky with Android OS ver.

For Android 12 support check this FAQ. For Android 4. APK files are available in the download box. If installing from APK file apps from unknown sources must be enabled in the Android security settings.

If you have Google Play installed we recommend disabling auto-updates for Fully Kiosk apps. When updating from APK installation to Google Play or the other way the old app often needs to be uninstalled. If you have many devices to install check our provisioning and deployment manuals. The safe mode lock requires administrator permission in order to set the device PIN.

The Device Administrator Permission must be disabled for Fully Kiosk before the app can be uninstalled. You see a missing permissions list, press OK, but noting happens. Please continue pressing OK on subsequent requests. You can let Fully Kiosk to forget the missing permissions. Some features relying on these permissions will however fail.

When enabling the Remote Admin or JavaScript Interface Fully Kiosk tries to obtain all potentially needed runtime permissions in order to avoid confirmation dialogs when changing settings later remotely or by using the JavaScript.

There is also a solution for ignoring some permissions by configuration available, ask us for details. The number of runtime permissions nl confirm manually can be reduced to 4 or 5 when using the device provisioning. In the Fully Kiosk app swipe from the left edge to the right to reach the menu and settings. Please setup the Chante Automation in Fully Kiosk if you need how do i change my name on zoom when there is no rename button – how do i change my name on zoom whe kind of web auto-login.

Use Localhost File Access option ver. Check this FAQ for zoom. These options only have effect when Fully Kiosk is in foreground. For fullscreen options check this. You can also auto-import settings from file on the m start, look at Deployment chapter for details. When updating installation from APK to Google Play or the other way the old app may need to be un-installed first. Starting Fully Kiosk Browser 1.

If you really need to apply this settings file to an older app version please import the JSON file as a configuration in Fully Cloud first and then apply the configuration from Fully Cloud to the devices.

This menu feature creates a link to the currently open web page on the Android Home screen. The ny of web page is taken as link title. Fully Kiosk tries to find the best available favicon to use as link icon for the current URL.

You can put several links to various websites on the Home screen. Using Universal Launcher in Fully Kiosk you can select apps, websites and file links to add to the launcher page. You can seamlessly mix all types of shortcuts on the Universal Launcher.

The apps started by the launcher will be whitelisted in Kiosk Mode automatically. Usually you also want to disable the home button, the access to Android settings and other apps. You can easily turn the Kiosk Mode on or off in the Fully Kiosk settings.

Then leave the settings and follow instructions in order to activate or deactivate the Kiosk Mode. Before the first start in Dhen Mode some additional permissions are requested renxme should be granted. For this reason changing the Kiosk Mode from Remote Admin or by remote import of a settings file is intentionally disabled. You can however enable the Kiosk Mode by auto-importing the settings file as described in our deployment guide. Enabling the Kiosk Mode without any user interaction is only possible by device provisioning.

The system bars, the camera, how do you set up a zoom meeting link power button and the volume buttons can also be blocked in Kiosk Mode. However a very long press on the power button will still cause the most devices to switch off. Android 12 currently has some limitations that open gaps in the Kiosk Mode protection without device provisioning or other means. Read this FAQ. Some moderate hacks are necessary to establish the Kiosk Mode in Android. Therefore, some devices or Android versions may fail with it.

We recommend all users who need to use the Android Kiosk Mode to test it thoroughly including rebooting device in Kiosk mode, entering PIN and switching Kiosk Mode completely off before deploying to production. The restrictions for other apps apply while the Wifi how do i change my name on zoom when there is no rename button – how do i change my name on zoom whe other Android settings are in foreground.

On some devices after opening Wifi Settings users can change to other Android settings and escape from Kiosk Mode. Starting ver. Settings burton the App Blacklist option. Fully Kiosk can also lockdown other apps in Kiosk Mode. Read this FAQ for details and restrictions.

If you make device provisioning recommended! The visual motion detection uses the front camera of the device. This feature is experimental. Some devices are known for their cameras do not start or stop after some time or become too hot when running. Motion detection will cause a high battery consumtion as the cam must be running ky. The detection works pretty good with the Detector Sensitivity setting at if there is enough light.

With the Show Preview Theee option you will get a small cam preview in the lower right corner, so you can test the cam coverage. Keep calm and enable everything. The acoustic motion detection uses the microphone of the device and can work even in complete darkness very efficiently. Try around and set the appropriate sensitivity. When motion is detected the screen can switched on. You can specify on Device Management section with Screen Off Timer setting in seconds how fast the screen has to be off again.

Device Admin permission must be enabled for Fully in order to turn screen off. This has nothing to do with Android root privileges. Root access is not required for Fully unless you want to use the Root Features. Before the Fully app can be uninstalled, device admin permission must be disabled. When motion is detected the screensaver can be stopped. Check the Screensaver Settings in Fully Kiosk to enable the screensaver. You can manage your Fully Kiosk app remotely on devices in your local network or worldwide using VPN.

First create a root certificate for signing other CAs using a script like this:. Now create a domain certificate fully-remote-admin-ca. Each device must be addressed in your local network by a hostname like device Now copy fully-remote-admin-ca.

This setup works at least with current Google Chrome on Windows 10 without any warnings. Using other clients may need a slightly different SSL setup.



How to use Re:View for staff – Learning and Teaching Hub @Bath.

In the Create New Symbol dialog box, type imageHolder in the Name text box. you will animate this new symbol vertically to change the image that. Chimera commands do not provide a way to loop through multiple residues or rename change the name of each chosen model and/or group. The name is.


How do I narrate a movie with Windows Movie Maker? » Images » Windows » Tech Ease – How to Change Name on Zoom on Desktop


CAUTION: While installation files that were downloaded directly from Microsoft are safe, there are now many reports of non-Microsoft scam websites offering malware versions of Movie Maker for download.

While this malware may function at first, it eventually will demand payment for functions such as saving a file. Never download software from an untrusted source. Tech-Ease is your source for just-in-time answers for classroom technology questions. It is important to note that sending a link directly or embedding the code like this does not automatically give permission to view the recording. The permissions are still managed at folder or recording level.

If I sent a link to a colleague and they have not been given viewing or creator rights to the recording, then they will see an error message. How do I share a link to a folder? It is important to note that sharing a link directly does not automatically give permission to view the recording. If I sent a link to a colleague and they have not been given viewing or creator rights to the folder, then they will see an error message.

Similarly, if you paste the link into the Moodle page AND the folder is not linked with the students on your unit, then they will not be able to view it.

How do I embed a responsive video in Moodle? To embed a video from Re:View to Moodle is possible using a slight change to the standard Re:View embed code. This video explains how to do it. You will also need some of the information from this FAQ which is located below the video.

This is a link to the new code which you need as demonstrated in the video. The screenshots below highlight the section of the code that need editing. Copy part of the code generated in Re:View highlighted in yellow to paste into the new code replacing the text highlighted in blue. How do I share a link to a recording with an external viewer e. You are able to share individual recordings with people outside of the University of Bath by inviting them using their email addresses.

Ensure that you have the appropriate permissions from persons featured in the recording to share it externally. Contact the Audio Visual support team for further advice. There is information about how to do this on the Panopto help pages. How do I move a recording from My Folder to another folder?

This video demonstrates how to move a recording from your personal folder to another folder that you have creator access to. How do I copy or move a recording? We generally advise against copying recordings because it is difficult to manage multiple recordings of the same file, particularly for lecture recordings.

For multiple cohorts we recommend sharing recordings. You must have creator rights to the folder you wish to move the recording to. To do this navigate to the chosen recording, hover over it and click on the top left hand corner to tick it. Options will now appear to copy or move the recording. Click either one of these. Copies These are copies that are unlinked from the original recording. If you edit a copy, then the original will remain unedited.

Reference copies These are copies that are linked to the original recording. If you edit a reference copy, then the original will edited too. Although it is not recommended to make multiple copies of recordings on the system staff are encouraged to move recordings to make them available to students , there are times when it is appropriate to make copies. In most cases, a reference copy will be the most appropriate. Full guidance about reference copies on the Panopto support pages. Where do I upload pre-recorded content to?

For the academic year it is recommended that you should upload content to the folder linked to your Moodle unit. How do I create a new folder within an existing folder? How do I change the availability of a recording e. Turn on and off the availability and choose appropriate times for your recording to be available. My recorded Zoom session hasn’t arrived in Re:View. Due to the demand on the Re:View service, some recordings may take longer to process than usual.

During week 2 there were Europe-wide issues with the Panopto service which meant some recordings were not automatically transferred to Panopto. If you have a missing recording, please follow the steps in the video below to move it from the Zoom cloud to Panopto. Recordings stored in the Zoom cloud will be deleted automatically after 30 days!

How can I use tags to organise and search for videos? You can add tags to a video in Re:View as long as you have creator access to it. Adding a tag is a useful way to help viewers browse and search for videos as it will show them similar content. As a viewer you can click on tags or add tags to the search bar to find similarly tagged videos.

Please note: Only videos that have been shared with you will appear in your tag search. Videos not shared with you will not appear as an option. Can I subscribe to videos?

You can subscribe to specific creators, folders or tags in Re:View. This allows you to curate the content you want to view and stores these videos in one folder. Please note: Only videos that have been shared with you will appear as subscriptions.

There is a long list of names associated with the Moodle-linked folder. How do I delete them? If there is a list of names under the sharing permissions for your Moodle-linked folder, this is likely to be because the folder is historic and the names have not been cleared prior to the start of each academic year. There is currently no automatic process for removing these permissions.

To manually remove the permissions, first navigate to the Moodle-linked folder and click on the sharing icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. This will open up a box with both group and individual permissions for the Moodle-linked folder. Note that the extra permissions are highlighted in yellow on the screenshot below.

After removing extra permissions, you should be left with three groups of users: Creators, Publishers, and Viewers. The Re:View Recorder on desktop. Personal capture can be made using the Panopto Recorder. Or alternatively, you may pose a number of questions in the lecture based on the content of the recording.

More information is available from the Panopto help pages about the desktop recorder for Windows. More information is available from the Panopto help pages about the desktop recorder for Macs. Installing the desktop recorder on my campus computer. The desktop software for PC and MAC is both available for installation on your computer workstation from the software centre, or for download onto your own personal devices.

If you are on campus, and would like the software installed on your desktop computer, you can do so yourself by searching for the Panopto Recorder in the software centre. If you have any trouble locating the software, please contact Computing Services, by raising a support ticket. Installing the desktop recorder on my home computer. Sign in to Re:View. Follow the installation instructions for Windows or Mac.

How do I record in a GTA room? The main technical difference to note is how you record sessions in the GTA rooms this year, if required.

Indeed, firstly, think about what needs to be recorded, if at all. What are students going to gain from the recording? If you decide not to record IPL time, we would recommend discussing this with your students so that they are informed, and understand the reasoning behind your decision. If you are asking a question of the group, please ensure it is spoken into the in-room microphone. If a student asks a question, you may need to repeat it into the microphone so that it can be heard on the recording.

Similarly, answers to questions may need to be repeated into the microphone. This is especially important if you will be using this recording separately with remote students. How do I record directly into the Panopto desktop recorder? It is possible to record a video and include PowerPoint directly into Re:View using the Panopto desktop recorder.

Detailed guidance for Windows is available from the Panopto help pages. Detailed guidance for Macs is available from the Panopto help pages. It is important that you create the new recording in the correct folder. Use the dropdown menu to navigate to the folder for where you want to save the recording.

If you do not change the destination folder at this stage then it will be saved into your personal folder and only you will have access to it.

You may wish to do this and move the recording later if it is a practise or first attempt. However, if you wish to record directly into a course folder then you can change the desination folder. At this stage it is also possible to rename the recording. If you do not do it at this stage then the recording will be named with the date and time, e. What are the recommended settings for recording with the Panopto Desktop Recorder?

For more information about video recording settings please see the information on the Panopto site. Keyboard shortcuts to start, pause and stop recordings.

The following Panopto help pages list a number of keyboard shortcuts to assist you when recording in Panopto desktop recorder. Shortcuts for Windows. When I create my own content, what naming convention should I use? The AV Unit have created a document that explains suggested naming conventions for recordings made outside of scheduled lecture recordings. Who do I contact for further support with Re:View? For advice on using Re:View to enhance learning, teaching and assessment contact the TEL team: tel bath.

We recommend using Re:View Panopto to facilitate student video assignments. Unlike Moodle, which is not designed to deal with the specialised demands of video files and has a file upload limit of 50mb much smaller than the average video , Re:View can accommodate any reasonable file size, whilst providing smooth playback of the uploaded videos. Within Re:View Assignment folders can be set up to enable students to upload video recordings. As Re:View does not provide marking and feedback functionality, we recommend use of a Re:View Assignment folder in tandem with a Moodle Assignment submission point.

Watch a TEL webinar that gives an overview of the assignment folder. This TEL webinar covers many of the common questions about assignment folders. We advise you to watch it to gain an overview of how assignment folders work. Watch the recording and download the slides. How do I set up a student assignment folder? This video demonstrates how to set up an assignment folder using the folder linked to a Moodle page.

Student assignment folders can be set up to enable students to upload video assignments. They are automatically configured so that students can not view each others recordings. Re:View is particularly useful for this because Moodle has an upload limit of 50mb, much smaller than the average video. The best file type for this is an.

Click here for more information from the Panopto help pages. Can I prevent uploads to the assignment folder when submission closes? You can close the assignment folder to stop any further submissions.

Note that this will prevent any further uploads to the folder, so you will need to keep the assignment folder open to allow students with extensions to upload their recordings. Can I use the Re:View student assignment folder for summative assessment? The Re:View Panopto assignment folder has limited features to manage deadlines and does not facilitate late submissions.

It does not have a facility for grading, and commenting for feedback is limited. For summative assessment, it is recommended to set up a Moodle assignment submission point as well as a Re:View Panopto assignment folder.

Use the Moodle assignment submission point to track submissions, apply individual extensions and record grades and feedback comments. You can create a Moodle Online text assignment submission where students can submit a link to the recording they have uploaded in Re:View. Also, if you enable PowerPoint files to be uploaded in the Moodle assignment submission point then students can upload accompanying slideshows.

This will allow students to insert a link to their video submission. Note: We suggest disabling Urkund during the assignment set up process.

A PowerPoint is unlikely to be processed through Urkund and may produce an error message. Details of how to set up an assignment activity in Moodle. My students have uploaded to the assignment folder. How do I view their video submissions? Log into Re:View with your University of Bath username and password. Type in the name of the course — this will typically be the name of the Moodle course followed by [assignments].

This video demonstrates how to access video submissions in Re:View. How do I manage extensions in the Re:View assignment folder? The Re:View assignment folder does not have the functionality to manage extensions. To manage extensions you must set up a submission point in Moodle and, when all video submissions have been submitted, close the assignment folder in Re:View.

Further information about how to grant extensions in Moodle. How do I support student recorded presentations? A suggested process for having students create and submit presentations is outlined below.

You can share the How to use Re:View for students guidance to help students prepare. You may wish to view the TEL webinar Recording Presentations from your Computer and download the accompanying presentation slides. The webinar includes a live demo of how to record using Panopto Desktop Recorder and Powerpoint narration.

How do I support student recorded group presentations? A suggested process for having student create and submit group presentations is outlined below. Who can see the recordings in the Re:View assignment folder? Can I allow students to see eachother’s recordings?

By default the student assignment folder allows anybody who is a viewer on the course to upload recordings. If you have set up your assignment folder under the Moodle-linked folder for your course, everyone enrolled as a Teacher in your Moodle course will be able to view all the uploaded recordings. This video demonstrates how to allow students to see eachothers video submissions.

Can external examiners access video submissions in Re:View? To do this you need to:. What file formats does Re:View support? Re:View allows audio and video files to be uploaded in many formats. We recommend mp4 for video and mp3 for audio.

A full list of accepted formats can be viewed here. Scheduling lecture capture recordings — update January For semester 2, the automated Lecture Recording Scheduler will once again be available to use. Re:View Panopto for the year.

The following 2-minute video will provide guidance on how to share a sub-folder: Instructions: Navigate to the current Moodle-linked folder for this year. Select Add Folder and give it a recognisable name e. Press return on your keyboard. Click on the folder name. You will be taken to an empty folder. Click on the Share icon cog in the top right-hand corner.

If this is the first time you are adjusting the settings, then click Change. Ensure the tickbox is still ticked, and click Stop Inheriting Within the search box, begin typing the name of the Moodle page. You will notice various groups appear. Select the group that begins with AY and is for viewers indicated with Vi… at the end of the name. Ensure viewer is also selected. Click on the name of the group. The group will be added. Untick Notify people. Click Move.

Search for your newly created sub-folder. In my example it is called O Shared. Notice that it is in the parent folder titled with the Moodle-linked folder name. The process to move the recordings will take place. Click Move to initiate this. As a result, the recordings in the sub-folder within the current Moodle-linked folder will be available to both the current and previous cohort.

Yes, to do this you need to: Navigate to the folder you wish to move the sub-folder from. Click on the sub-folder. Click the settings cog in the top right hand corner of the screen. Search for the new parent folder and select it. Save changes. After update to Fire OS 5. It looks like this Fire OS is killing all apps that use the camera while screen is off. We have no fix for this. Use the Screensaver instead of Screen Off or use the Acoustic motion detection.

There is a bug in the newer Fire OS 7. You can deny this permission as workaround. All this is no issue with normal Android OS. Some users reported successful screen lock removal in Fire OS according to this manual based on this approach.

Other users reported that this approach reverts randomly unless you disable the access to any networks except required e. Otherwise Android screen off can mess up things. It looks like there is no device provisioning method working with Fire OS and so there is no way to make a silent remote app installations unless the device is rooted. If you find some issues with the Fire OS please feel free to report to info fully-kiosk. Fire TV sticks seem to work with Fully Kiosk however you can’t get them into the kiosk mode and some different restrictions apply as for other Android TV devices.

You can try to switch off the Disable Home Button option and run in the kiosk mode “light” where the home button is not locked. App icons for sideloaded apps are broken on some Fire TV devices. We are glad to offer you customized or white label version of any of our Fully Kiosk apps for your individual or business needs.

You will get a custom app as APK file for your installation. Please contact us with your requirements for details and prices. All Fully Kiosk apps do not track users. No information about Fully Kiosk apps usage including their local Remote Admin web interface is transmitted to or stored on our servers or third party servers.

If you order a PLUS License the device ID, the payment transaction details, your name, address and email will be stored in order to enable authentication in case of license relocation. The latest information will be saved for the quick view in the Fully Cloud account.

No history data except Fully Log will be saved on our cloud servers. Fully Cloud is hosted in Germany. In case of application crash or ANR the anonymous information about your device type, Android version, Fully version, its major settings, logcat and exception stack will be sent to our servers via HTTPS in order to support investigation and fixing that bug.

If you save your configuration with Fully Exam Configurator the exam name, URL and encrypted configuration will be saved on our servers for 12 months in order to provide the permalinks. When paying by credit card the processing is done by PayPal or Stripe. When using Enterprises you also accept the Google Managed Play agreement and data processing and security terms.

In case of any privacy questions or requests please contact us. German substantive law shall apply to the agreement. Look in Fully Cloud for conditions. You can test anything for free. We require all international bank transfers to us to be made with the OUR instruction all fees are paid by you.

Fully Kiosk uses code of Glide published under this license. Fully Kiosk uses code of nanohttpd published under this license. Enjoy Fully Kiosk! Restrict bring your own device BYOD to company tasks during working hours Much much more… For many use cases the remote device management and monitoring MDM provided by Fully Cloud is very efficient way to maintain the devices and contents.

Web Content Settings. This option resolves issues with the previous options and some PDF apps. Internet Disconnection is detected by pinging IP address 8.

Web Browsing Settings. Enable Pull to refresh — allow the down pull to reload the current page. Form data will be resubmitted if enabled in Advanced Web Settings.

Web Zoom and Scaling. Web Auto Reload. Advanced Web Settings. Basic Web Automation — Automatically fill text in web forms, toggle checkboxes, click links and buttons. Configure a flexible list of actions to perform on each loaded page. Starting FKB 1. This should be enough to clear the website logins. Enable this option only if you trust all websites loaded.

This option is potentially insecure as any website can read ALL your local files etc. Experimental option. May need an app restart each time after using the keyboard e. Enable Touch Interaction — Allow any touch interaction in the Webview Enable Dragging — Allow dragging objects by touch in the Webview, disabling will also disable scrolling in the webview ver.

So you can embed local files images or videos in your website. This option is potentially insecure as any website can read ALL your local files. So you can make a basic ad blocker. You can get a list of known Ad hosts in text format here ver. If you change this option, you should know what you do.

This option is only available if supported by the Webview depends on the Webview version and provider. Universal Launcher. Technically the specified apps will be started on device startup by their launcher intents and then Fully Kiosk push itself back to foreground.

Toolbars and Appearance. Screensaver PLUS. Please note that prior to version 1. For this reason the screensaver settings was not available in the Fully Single App Kiosk app prior to version 1.

You can keep this list empty if you just want to dim the screen. Screensaver Wallpaper URL — Show this website as screensaver wallpaper, set it empty for transparent wallpaper. That app must provide an exit on tap if you want to exit screensaver on tap. That app must close by itself when detecting a touch or other exit intent.

Device Management. Keep Screen On — Screen will always stay on. The device will be prevented from going to sleep by Android display settings. This option can help to prevent the bug in some devices when the keyboard is not showing up. This unlock can take seconds on some devices for unknown reasons unfortunately. Look for Fire OS limitations. Please check related settings in Advanced Web Settings and in Other Settings to set the behavior of this option when fullscreen content is played or other apps are in foreground.

Check this FAQ if you want the screen to wake up on tap. This can have side effects for changing volume when redirected ver. When this mode is activated all key input including keyboard and back key is out of order. Remove Navigation Bar experimental — completely remove navigation bar for all apps! Internet Connection is checked by pinging the IP address 8. App private storage will be used if your device is in scoped storage mode. Be careful as existing files will be overwritten without any notification.

Files of zero size will be removed from device when unpacking. Check this FAQ for details! Power Settings. Most devices will wake up even without this option. Use with caution! If you enable this option your device will be not operational until you plugin the power cord!

Otherwise usually many devices will fall asleep as soon as the screen is turned off. Note that some vendors like Huawei may kill our kiosk app after some screen off time. Read here for possible solutions. If enabled Fully Kiosk will also always start at device startup. Android 12 has some limitations that make a reliable Kiosk Mode protection impossible without device provisioning or other means.

This option is out of order if single app kiosk mode is active. Caution: On some devices like Samsung Tablets access to Wifi or other settings allow access to all Android settings what allows the user to disable the Kiosk mode.

Try using this workaround or use the Select Wifi Network instead. A better status bar protection is available on provisioned devices and with KNOX features.

Disable Volume Buttons — restrict volume buttons in Kiosk Mode, also try to block any sound volume changes look for Device Owner Settings for solution with provisioned devices Limit the Volume Level — if volume buttons not disabled limit the volume on all channels to this maximum in percent, empty for disable ver.

Short button press will switch off the screen for a second however before Fully Kiosk turn it back on. Longer press can show the power off buttons for a very short moment. With Android 12 this is valid for all devices. Very long press will usually power off the device, this is a hardware feature that no app can block except by using the KNOX Settings.

Note: This option will also prevent the device from switching off the screen after display timer set in Android settings. Recent tasks and power button will be useless even when other apps are in foreground.

Advanced protection is always enabled automatically when using the Universal Launcher and the Single App Mode. This protection will show toast message when blocking other apps. You can add the good apps to the App Whitelist if Fully Kiosk is killing to much.

App blacklist has a higher priority than app whitelist. Single App Mode — auto-run an app with full kiosk protection. So you can lockdown the device to one single app. Please start your app on the device prior to setting it as your single mode app in Fully for getting the required runtime permissions or use device provisioning for setting the most permissions automatically.

Important: With Fully Kiosk 1. Tap 7 times very fast anywhere on the screen to see the PIN dialog. The Kiosk Exit Gesture option has no effect. If 7 fast taps can occur frequently by the normal usage of your app please check this FAQ for alternative solutions. Restart the app after changing this option to apply! You can manually disable the screen lock in Android Settings again after removing administrator permission from Fully Kiosk.

Enable Visual Motion Detection — use from camera for motion detection — see below Detector Sensitivity — Detection sensitivity , higher value means higher sensitivity, works mostly best at Detector Frame Rate — detector rate per second , higher value makes detection more reliable, it cause however a higher CPU load Darkness Level — darkness threshold level , lower value triggers darkness at lower ambient light level, only relevant if Turn Screen Off in Darkness enabled Camera Id — use the specified camera Id, keep empty to use the default front cam.

This option is only available if more than 1 camera detected on the device. Try camera IDs like 0, 1, 2 etc. Show Cam Preview — show small cam preview image in the right bottom corner. If Face Detection is enabled you will also see smilies when faces are detected. Detect Faces — Enable face detection on the camera image experimental, ver. Trigger Motion only when Faces Detected — trigger motion detection only! The motion will not be triggered as long as there are no faces on the camera.

Acoustic Detector Sensitivity — microphone sensitivity , works mostly best at Turn Screen On on Motion — turn screen on when motion detected, look in Device management section for Screen Off Timer Exit Screensaver on Motion — stop screensaver when motion detected, look in Screensaver section for screensaver settings Stop Web Reload on Motion — reset reload timer when motion detected, look in Web Auto-Reload Settings for Auto Reload on Idle Timer ver.

When a beacon from this list is detected within specified distance, movement will be triggered Anti-Theft Beacon Distance — distance threshold to iBeacon where to detect movement in meter, very approximately!

You can save the cloud credentials encrypted in order to copy them to other devices by the deployment process and add other devices automatically to Fully Cloud. Enable Root Features — Get root privileges for the app and allow root features, use it with caution Daily System Restart — Scheduled time HH:MM in 24h format for automatic device restart, keep empty for disabled Shutdown on Power Disconnect — Shutdown the device after defined number of seconds after unplugging, keep 0 for disabled Clear Launcher Apps — reset all launcher apps after Fully Kiosk is in foreground for defined number of seconds, keep 0 for disabled Clear Single App after Idle Time — reset the single app after defined number of user inactivity seconds, set 0 for disabled Kill Apps Before Starting Them — Always kill selected apps before starting them, enter one package name per line.

Lock Task Mode — Better kiosk mode protection, disable home and recent task button, disable status bar in Kiosk mode only. Enable Home Button — force show home button in lock task mode ver. However, this option has no effect if a password, pin or pattern is currently set. You must enable this option if you want to disable Screen Lock on provisioned devices. By default most pre-installed apps are disabled by device provisioning.

Use with caution, there is a small chance to brick the device. After activation you have to read and confirm the KNOX license agreement. Other Settings. Use this option if you scanner is simulating keyboard input when scanning QR codes.

Barcode Scan Broadcast Intent Action — broadcast intent action from scanner app to listen for, empty for none. Use this and the next option when your scanner is sending a broadcast intent when a QR code is read. In devices using Datawedge app this can be something user defined or something like com.

In devices using Datawedge this can be something like com. Submit Form after Inserting the Barcode — try to submit the web form of the first input field.

With this option you can avoid starting on idle features while the soft keyboard is open. For using screensaver with other apps check this FAQ. Disabling this option will also remove outdated Webview warnings. Render in Cutout Area — enable showing content in the notch area ver. When removing this key, your device will be unregistered from the volume license. Volume Licensing require the Internet connection when device is registered and unregistered.

Offline licensing is also available. Version Info — show last update info now Device Info — show device info summary, please sent us a copy when reporting a bug.

How to generate and put a self signed SSL certificate? First create a root certificate for signing other CAs using a script like this:! Device Info and Basic Features. Web Browsing. Screensaver and Daydream. Kiosk and App Management. Get Stats, Screenshot and Camshot. Use TTS and Multimedia. Manage Settings. File Management. Get device info. String fully. Control device, show notification, send network data etc.

Download and manage files. Control Fully and Browsing. Barcode Scanner. Bluetooth Interface. Read NFC Tags ver. Respond to Events. Manage Apps, Activities, Intents etc. Motion Detection. Manage all Fully settings. How to use JavaScript Interface?

Playlist Settings. You can specify to loop each playlist item, skip item on user interaction, play next after x seconds. For folders you can also specify the file play order. Folders will be played recursively including all subfolders. Wallpaper URL — Website to show as wallpaper. Playlist Auto Restart. Which kiosk app is to use for what? Just to give you some ideas for the most common scenarios: Let users only to browse a set of allowed websites Use Fully Kiosk Browser app.

Enable the Kiosk Mode and enjoy. Play some images, videos or websites in a loop without user interaction Use Fully Video Kiosk app. Configure the Playlist, enable the Kiosk Mode and voila. Allow using some set of apps Use Fully Kiosk Browser app. Configure the Universal Launcher with the allowed apps and enable the Kiosk Mode.

You can also add websites or file bookmarks. Add other allowed apps to the App Whitelist option if needed. If something is wrong with your website please follow these topics: 1. Check and update the available Android Webview on your device. Check your website is working properly in Google Chrome on the same device.

Check your website with Remote Webview Debugging. Why Fully Kiosk still reports the outdated Webview? How can I use the Fully Kiosk with Android 12? The Power Dialog can be opened by a long power button press. The user can power off or restart the device or make an emergency call. The Recent Task view can be opened and the buttons there can be used on some devices.

In order to maintain the secure kiosk mode with Android 12 you have three options: Use the device provisioning, enable Disable Status Bar option in Device Owner Settings, enable and configure the Lock Task Mode in Device Owner settings. This will enable the status bar and system dialog protection in Kiosk Mode again. Why doesn’t my webcam video play in the web page? How can I use local files on the device in Fully?

How can I load content files to the device? If your kiosk app is running in scoped storage mode: You will see a hint Storage mode: scoped on the Device Info box in Other Settings. At this location all files are visible, readable and manageable by our kiosk app and only that app. All file download will be saved in the app private storage as well. If you use any local files at other locations move them to the app private storage prior to device upgrade to Android Or use the APK app versions from our website to avoid running in scoped storage mode.

How can I use multiple tabs in Fully? How can I use the screensaver in Fully Kiosk? Can I wake up the screen by tapping it? What are the different PINs and passwords for? Default PIN is You can give this PIN to someone who is only allowed to manage Wifi or other connections but may not change anything else on the device.

The Remote Admin Password is set in the Fully app on each device. If you forget the Fully Cloud password you can make password recovery with your email address.

This key can be grabbed in Fully Cloud Settings.

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